Last Updated On: 19/03/2020

These are challenging times.

At DHCC Australia, our mission is to better the world with technology, and we are trying to do just that. In response to the latest advice, we have implemented the following:

Remote Working – all our staff in Australia are now working from home. Clients have been informed and communication processes established.

Meetings and Workshops – are all being conducted by ‘phone or teleconference’.

Building solutions – our team are looking for, and working on, products and applications we can develop with our partner OutSystems that might solve problems raised or created by COVID-19. If you have any ideas as to products or applications that might be suitable for development, please send us an email here.

Helping clients – we are working with our clients to help them solve business challenges. If there is anything in your organisation you feel could be made better with technology, please contact and let us know.

Stay safe.