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WFH? WFO? How are we going to make this work?

With the various relaxation of lockdown rules, organisations are looking at how to return-to-work. Lockdown might be reduced, but not physical distancing requirements, so, how does this impact staff and employers?

Most workplaces will need to co-ordinate large groups of people, and may need to juggle:

  • Staggered start times
  • Staff working in shifts
  • Office space needs of 4m2 per person
  • Removal of hot desking
  • Different staff loads per floor per day
  • Individual flexible work requirements
  • Different work requirements in different states
  • Management of health risks, and inoculations

Everyone is going to need to be able to have input and access to this information from wherever they are, on whatever device.

Using #1 Low-code platform OutSystems, @ChrisO'Connor will show you how to build an app that can do all these things – and get staff using it – quickly.

Join us for our online session on the 10th of June at 10AM to see how an app can be built and deployed within a matter of days.

Build an app to help get your team back to WFO and WFH